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Member spotlight: Des Reid, EV Rider

Recently one of our members put a City Car Club electric vehicle (EV) to the test with a long distance trip from Edinburgh to South West Scotland. Des Reid’s 275 mile round trip would take the Nissan LEAF in to uncharted territory, pushing its 90 mile range to the limit. We were lucky enough to… Read More »

Answering the call

For more than a decade, Nottingham based Answer-4u has proved that the art of conversation isn’t dead. Today they continue to make waves in the world of telecommunication services, drawing on vast experience and expertise to provide clients across the country with first-class telephone answering services. They are the first choice for any organisation looking to… Read More »

Tailored Travel

It’s very rare that award-winning production studio Suited and Booted are found twiddling their thumbs. Since they were founded in 1999 the Bath-based studio has had companies from all over the world knocking on their door. Their innovative approach to video production has caught the eye of BBC Worldwide, Sky and Nationwide among other high profile… Read More »

A smarter way to drive your business

What if we told you that your business could forget about the complexity and cost associated with company cars, taxis and pool cars by moving to a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable means of business travel? At City Car Club we have been helping businesses achieve exactly this for more than a decade. With our business… Read More »

Opening the drivers door to young people

Young people are often given a rough deal when it comes to getting on the open road, especially the impact it has on the bank balance. Insurance, tax, servicing, MOTs, fuel… the list goes on and only amounts to one thing – empty pockets! But we have some news that might just put a smile… Read More »

You’ve got a green car, so how about a green home?

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Home Energy Team based at the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Much like ourselves CSE holds sustainability close to its heart – for over 30 years the Charity has been committed to delivering projects which tackle climate change and fuel poverty. The Home Energy Team… Read More »

Commonwealth Games – Update

Although we are excited about yet another stellar sporting event this summer, the arrival of the Commonwealth Games has meant a slight change to the locations of some vehicles in Glasgow. The city is also enforcing strict parking restrictions, road closures and the introduction of ‘Games Lanes’ which you should be aware of. The ‘Games… Read More »

Location, Location, Location

In the past few weeks we have continued to add more vehicles to even more locations, in turn making our service even more accessible. With this in mind we thought we’d give you a quick update on a few of the new areas which now have City Car Club cars. You never know – there… Read More »

Pricing changes

August is a month of change at City Car Club. We’re adding cars to our fleet, introducing new membership plans and updating our pricing structure. We will forgive you for fretting when you hear the words ‘updating our pricing structure’, but there’s actually good news ahead. We have had to review our pricing structure as… Read More »

Share the love

For a limited time only we will be entering all friend referrals into a prize draw, giving you and your mate the chance to win one of these scrumptious Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs (retail value £28). Going against the grain, Hotel Chocolat make their eggs different to most chocolatiers; advised by experts to make them… Read More »

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