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property-devCity Car Club has a vast amount of experience planning and implementing car clubs in a variety of developments ranging in size from 30 – 1000+ residential units. Whether you’re investigating the possibility of having a car club on-site, or just want to provide residents with access to local car club cars, we can work with you to make this happen.

Providing parking for every new property in a development is increasingly rare, especially in city centre developments. With increasing pressures to minimise the environmental impact of new developments, provide green transport options and maximise space, providing a car club is fast becoming the norm. And for good reason.

The Department of Transport recommends car clubs for their role in:

  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Reducing on and off street parking pressure and
  • Reducing CO2 and particulate pollution

Key benefits for developers include:

  • Increasing the likelihood of gaining planning permission.
  • Addressing a specific concern of the local authority or Section 106 requirement.
  • Ability to sell the properties at the developments as ‘coming with a car’.
  • Reducing the build cost and construction time by doing away with the need for expensive underground parking provision.
  • Maximising space on-site.
  • Contributing towards reducing the environmental impact of the development.

To find out how City Car Club can assist your organisation, please contact Keith Kelly on 0113 394 3981 or email

I deal with a lot of service-providing companies on the phone. City Car Club's customer service staff are by far the most helpful, swiftest and common-sensical staff I have dealt with from any company. Philip, London

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