City Car Club membership suits all sorts of different needs. If you drive less than 8,000 miles a year, membership will almost certainly save you a lot of money. Not to mention all the environmental benefits and convenience of the service.

We reckon you can probably make your own mind up as to whether City Car Club is for you, but it’s a fairly good bet that if anything below sounds familiar then it’s worth giving it a go.

Don’t own a car, but could really use one?

If you don’t currently own a car or van but could really do with easy access to one on demand then City Car Club is the perfect solution.


Paying for a car or van that you don’t use often?

If so, you’re not alone! Thousands of people are paying for a car or van that sits on their driveway (or even worse, in an expensive parking bay) for the majority of the week.


Need a second car, without the extra cost?

Can’t quite make do with one car so you’re considering buying a second for those additional journeys? It’s a familiar story but now there’s a solution to the second car conundrum.


City Car Club - so simple, so quick, so good! Erin, London

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