Member of Another Car Club?

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Being a member of two car clubs can provide even greater choice of locations, increased range of car types, and ensures there will always be a vehicle available when you need one. As such you can become a member of City Car Club and get your first year of membership for £1 (saving £59).

In order to qualify for this offer, we simply ask that you send us an invoice (as you must have been with them for a minimum of 1 month) that you have received from the other club or a reservation confirmation email as proof.

Simply apply online for membership as normal, adding the code COMP600 in the promotional code box. Then send the invoice to

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This rate plan offers an annual or monthly membership fee.
Please select your preferred option: £60 annually £7 monthly
30 day minimum term applies

Reduce your excess

All our vehicles are insured for our members to drive with a standard £750 damage waiver excess. You can reduce this to £100 for £10 per month or £90 per year.

£750 excess
£100 excess - £10 per month
£100 excess - £90 per year

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