James’s Blog: From City Car Club MD to Stig of the Dump!

It’s hard to believe but it’s almost been a year since we introduced City Vans to the fleet. I was looking over the usage figures the other day and it’s fantastic to see that so many of you are making use of them. In fact, they’ve become so popular you’ll soon be seeing lots more up and down the country– watch this space for further details.

I had my own City Van experience this weekend, and after months of nagging I (finally) got round to taking an old double mattress to the dump. As there was so much space, I also emptied out the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ in my loft and packed it full!  I booked the Cornwall Road van by Waterloo station in London to do the dirty work and it was such a doddle (yes, I know I’m biased). But seriously, you simply book the van for the amount of time you need it, rather than having to pay for a full day which is the case with traditional van rental. If you’re worried that you’ll be denied access to waste disposal sites/recycling centres because you’re in a van, don’t be. As long as you have ID to prove that you’re a local resident, you should be fine. Still, it’s best to check prior to your visit just to be sure.

Have you used a City Van yet? I’d love to know what you think, same goes for if you’d like a City Van near you – let me know.

If you have any photos of you out and about in a City Van, do email them to marketing@citycarclub.co.uk so we can add them to our Facebook rogues gallery.


Absolutely the best way to avoid owning a car but having the convenience of using one. Alison

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