James’s Blog: We’re onto a winning streak!

The team here has been working long and hard over the past few months to secure contracts which will enable us to expand our services. I am now delighted to share with you the major successes we have had over recent weeks.

Earlier this month we were named as Birmingham’s official car club partner. Our small existing presence in the city, which currently only consists of off-street locations, will very shortly see us expand into the Jewellery Quarter with many more locations to follow – including lots of on-street bays. We’re very excited about our plans for the Birmingham club, and hope to see it become one of our largest operations in the coming years.

This announcement was then followed (subject to contract) by success in the London Borough of Wandsworth, where we will be providing roughly 50 vehicles from what we hope will be August. We’ve also renewed our agreement with Bristol City Council which will also lead to many more cars being placed across the city.

All this is in addition to more new locations planned for most other cities throughout the year. It’s been a lot of work but we can’t wait to get cracking in these new areas!


Practical, simple and affordable. A must for those needing a car from time to time without the hassle of owning one. Nando, Edinburgh

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