Making the most of our new iOS app…

Booking your next trip out just got even easier with the launch of our new iPhone app (Android version coming soon). This will act as your own personal booking management system where you can make, manage, extend and cancel your bookings; all with just a swipe of your finger. With a booking countdown and notifications you will never be late again.

Below is a breakdown of how to us the app and what you can use it for:

1. The Dashboard
dashboardFrom here you can make a new booking, manage an existing booking and phone clubhouse. We will also show you how many miles you have driven so far and how many Tonnes of CO2 you have saved by being a City Car Club member (a clever calculation based on the miles travelled and average UK vehicle emissions).

2. New Booking
new-bookingBooking couldn’t be easier thanks to the apps built in map function, simply type in the location you are looking for (or share your location to allow the app to automatically hone in on where you are) or swipe your way around the map until you find the vehicle you want. If the vehicle you want isn’t available for the time you want it, it will appear grey. There’s even a handy filter allowing you to choose to only see the vehicle type you need for your journey – vans, 7 seaters or small for example.

3. Cost and Confirmation
costThe cost and confirmation page appears after you have selected the vehicle you want to book. Simply add the location you’re travelling to or the mileage you’re planning on travelling and the estimated cost will show – giving you even more control of your spend.

4. Booking Manager
BookingManagerOnce you’ve made your booking, everything you need is waiting for you in the booking manager – eagerly count down the hours until it starts, get walking directions to the vehicle, unlock the car to start your booking (perfect if you don’t have your membership card to hand) and even extend it for a little longer.

To download the app simply click here

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First time today, love the fact you can amend a booking from inside the car itself. Very easy way of having access to a car. Thom, Bath

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