City Car Club for Developers

Whether you are a Property Developer, Housing Association or Travel Planner, City Car Club is the first choice for any organisation looking to implement a car club.

We have vast amounts of experience in planning and implementing car clubs for a variety of developments ranging in size. If you are investigating the possibility of having a car club on-site or just want to provide residents with access to a cost-effective and sustainable means of transport, we can make it happen.

Why include a car club in your project?

  • The inclusion of a car club will increase the likelihood of gaining planning permission for your project.

  • It will address a specific concern of local authorities across the country and fulfil the requirements outlined in Section 106.

  • Attract buyers and tenants to your development with the ability to advertise properties as 'coming with a car'.

  • Maximise on-site space, cut build costs and reduce construction time by negating the need to include a large car park in your project.

  • Contribute towards reducing congestion and be seen to encourage a sustainable and economical alternative to car ownership.

Why organisations choose City Car Club

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City Car Club is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. 10/10 for customer service and a well managed fleet of vehicles. Simon, Simon Winter Design

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