Green motoring

green-motoringAt City Car Club we are committed to sustainable travel. We encourage all our members to think about how they travel and choose the most sustainable, low carbon options available. However, we also understand that at certain times you need to use a car – for the flexibility, comfort and convenience that it offers. For these journeys, City Car Club is there to provide you with access to new, modern and low-emissions cars.

Here’s a few key examples of how City Car Club helps to reduce carbon emissions:

Low emissions fleet

Our strict low-emissions policy on fleet selection means that we only choose the lowest emitting vehicles available to us. On average City Cars emit 37% less CO2 than those they replace and we are constantly working to improve on this even further. Our fleet already includes many hybrid vehicles as well as the fully electric Nissan Leaf.

Fewer cars on the road

Independent research by Carplus shows that an average of 25 private cars are taken off the road for every car club car. This is because new members often sell their own car or defer buying one. That means over 13,500 cars have been taken off the road by the City Car Club fleet.

Fewer trips and long term behaviour change

City Car Club members think more carefully about each trip they make in a car and make greater use of alternative travel options such as cycling, public transport and walking. By embracing a combination of travel options, our members drive less miles a year than the average motorist.

Quick, reliable and cheaper than owning your own car. Mitch, Brighton

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